Why Frozen

DFU is Yıldız Holding company, being first in the frozen bakery products sector in Turkey. Each production made in DFU makes it makes possible to produce products with the same criteria, without changing the prescription and process conditions specially defined for the product, and to find standard products for customers all over Turkey. Tasty and innovative products are manufactured without manual touched by experienced and educated staff, and by one of the best food preservation methods -30 C shocked, and then shipped. Then, it is saved in Turkey's first fully automatic frozen storage at -18 ° C and reached with the tools which internal temperature is -18 ° C by maintaining the cold chain is protected with DFU guarantee. It does not lose anything from its original freshness to its taste, with no interruption of storage and transportation in the cold chain, no risk of physical and microbial deterioration. Offering practical and quick solutions to its customers with different and delicious product alternatives, DFU protects the line of product quality and provides fresh and hot product in just 8 minutes in every required amount.